Total Landed Cost

Total landed cost is the overall cost of getting a shipment from one place to the other – the total cost of “landing” a consignment where it needs to be. And to get the whole picture we have to look beyond solution price.


Total Landed Cost Analysis

Before determining what temperature-controlled solution to use for the shipment, it’s important to understand what makes up the total cost of using different solutions. For example, the cost of the packaging solution itself is usually only accounting for a small part of the total cost for the shipment.

There are also other direct costs such as airfreight, handling, and trucking. On top of the direct costs, there are further aspects such as CO2 emissions, training and of course how well the solution can keep the product safe in predictable or unpredictable scenarios.

We will help you calculate your Total landed cost

We can assist you with a Total landed cost analysis and get an estimate of all direct costs of a temperature-controlled shipment. Please contact your local sales representative, to further discuss the best solution for your shipment.

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Maximize your loading capacity

To make your shipment as cost-effective as possible, we offer a variety of solutions. The 可以赌足球的app Load Optimization tool assists you to maximize the products that can fit on each pallet. You will find the Load Optimization tool in 可以赌足球的app portal.

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Standard rates

Our customers turn to air freight for security, speed and flexibility to meet an increasingly regulated and commercially demanding business reality.

Leasing an active container (that is serviced, checked and ready for operation) for air cargo is a superior solution compared to other options available in the market.

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